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catalytic heater

Catalytic heaters oxidize natural gas, propane and butane flamelessly, emitting medium to long wave infrared energy (3.5 – 7 microns). A platinum catalyst forces combustion below the gas ignition point (1400 Degrees F) generating surface temperatures of 600 – 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since the reaction is totally flameless, there are no NOX emissions associated with open flame gas systems. The byproducts of the oxidation process are carbon dioxide, water vapor, and trace amounts of CO.

Heaters are sold as stand alone units, component retrofit kits and complete oven systems. We offer three types of control systems:

  1. Basic: ball valves and gauges for small systems that do not require automatic controls.
  1. Pulse Controls: automated system that oscillate gas flow between low and high fire over a timed interval to achieve desired heat profile.
  1. Electronic Modulation: automated system that offers closed loop capability to maintain desired heat output based on heater or part temperatures.

We provide control cabinets, or will work with you to fabricate your own.

Common Heater Applications

  • Solvent and Water Based Paint Drying
  • Powder Coating Gelling and Curing
  • Thermoforming
  • In Stage Drying and Preheat Treatment
  • Leather Curing
  • Curing Varnish and Other Wood Finishes

Let us help you design the right catalytic oven to meet your needs and budget.

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