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catalytic heater

Refurbished catalytic heaters are a cost effective alternative to new emitters.

At A.C.T., we have been rebuilding catalytic heaters for over 15 years.   Our factory-refurbished units perform as well as new emitters at about 2/3 the cost and come with a one year warranty.  We only use quality heaters that were simply taken out of service.  Much like a used car, we inspect them thoroughly to be certain that there is no structural damage that would compromise their performance.  We verify the integrity of the preheat elements, safety switches & gas dispersion systems.

After refurbishment, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure that all heaters achieve optimum uniformity & temperature.

Heaters are sold stand alone, or as part of a component oven set which includes:

  • A main gas train
  • Control cabinet
  • Pulse control units (automatic temperature controls)
  • Ball valves & gauges (manual temperature controls)