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catalytic heater

Applying the infrared principle with catalytic gas fired emitters is simply the most efficient method for drying and curing coated parts. Unlike convective systems, which heat the air, catalytic heaters emit IR energy directly to the substrate which is absorbed rapidly by the coating. There is an immediate temperature rise which initiates the gel stage within the 1st few minutes of exposure. Full cure times are dramatically reduced, generally by 50 to 80%. Your actual benefit can be determined beforehand by testing your parts in advance. There is no charge and we’ll provide a comprehensive report. Its also an excellent opportunity to meet with you and demonstrate the technology firsthand.

The economics of a catalytic retrofit are extremely favorable. When you consider the energy savings and increased throughput, you can expect paybacks in 2 to 4 years. Send us your energy bills; we’ll help do the math.

You can expect process advantages as well. These include:

  • Lower reject rates. The IR process drives out solvents before the actual curing occurs, eliminating the possibility of blistering and popping.
  • Convection ovens use tons of moving air that can blow powder off parts or leave contaminants on the finish. Catalytic ovens utilize a much milder recirculation system to bring hot air back into the oven, evening out part temperatures for a more consistent cure.
  • The shorter cure time will enable you to reduce the oven footprint, often by as much as 50%.

Booster Ovens

Booster or gel ovens are an extremely effective option to dramatically shorten cure times, without replacing or retrofitting an entire oven. An array of catalytic heaters can be placed inside an existing structure, or if there is sufficient space, between the spray booth & entry vestibule. The booster will bring powder to a flow state prior to entering the main oven. Line speeds may be increased and If the oven is zoned, unnecessary burners can be shut down to reduce energy costs.

The right system for you

We provide everything from individual heaters to complete turnkey systems and we’ll work with you to design a system that meets your needs and your budget.