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catalytic heater

Catalytic Heater ServiceOver time, catalytic heaters degrade and lose uniformity and heat output. While the catalyst is not consumed, its ability to oxidize gas is diminished through contamination by powder, paint & inert materials that will not burn off. As a result, heaters that achieved surface temperatures of 850° F when new, lose over 100° after two to three years.

Over the past several years there have been improvements in catalyst formulation that have resulted in more consistent and higher temperature catalytic pads. We are working with a new high temperature catalyst that will achieve surface temperatures of 900° to 1000° degrees. By refurbishing your catalytic heaters, you will be able to achieve shorter cycle times then when they were new.

American Catalytic refurbishes all catalytic heaters, regardless of manufacturer. We even rebuild Sunkiss, Infratherm & Wisconsin Oven Thermoreactor units.

“Our Place Or Yours”

We can refurbish heaters either at our shop in Branford, CT or on site at your facility.

On Site

Many companies prefer our on site service as it is an extremely cost effective alternative to sending heaters back and forth to our shop. It eliminates the cost of buying spare heaters, continually swapping heaters, packing and crating the old heaters, and “round trip” freight charges.

In a wholesale refurbishment you will maximize your process throughput as all heaters will be optimized for both heat output & uniformity. Additionally, the cost is “subsidized” by using your labor to assist in the process. Since your crew is involved, they will benefit from a greater understanding of:

  • Catalytic technology and performance.
  • Catalytic heater maintenance and operational guidelines.
  • Oven troubleshooting and system optimization.

Our Shop

If you need a quick turnaround or only want to rebuild a few heaters at a time, then our shop service would be the better option for you.  Refurbishing turnaround is generally within one or two days of receipt.

If you want to “spread out” the cost of refurbishing your oven, then our “swapping” service is the better choice.


If you’re experiencing poor performance from your oven and are interested in learning more about our service, feel free to call. Often, we can troubleshoot problems right over the phone.

If you’d like a quotation, please contact us with your heater sizes and quantities and we will respond promptly.